Why Choose Capri Luggage

Why should I choose Capri Luggage to ship my luggage ahead to Capri?
It is much easier to travel with only your carry-on bags, especially to an island destination like Capri. There are extra charges for luggage on the ferry and there is no baggage storage area, so you will have to leave your bags unattended in a corner or try to fit them near the seats next to you, if you can find empty seats. Once you have disembarked on Capri, you have to pay a supplement to take your bags on the funicular and large bags cannot be taken on the bus. The only alternative is a taxi or hiring a porter service at the port. Even if you decide take a taxi and bring your bag with you, almost all accommodations in Capri can only be reached by foot, as most of the town is pedestrian only and closed to taxis. So consider the cost of the luggage supplements, the porter service, and the hassle of transporting your luggage by hand and you'll soon agree that Capri Luggage is the most convenient solution!
Can I book luggage shipping only for my return trip?
Of course! There is great shopping in Capri, and with our service you can buy to your heart's content without having to worry about going over weight with your check-in luggage or having to arrange shipping with the shop.

Helpful tips

How should I pack my bags to ship?
Prepare your bags in the same way you’d do to check them in at the airport. You can use plastic zip ties to secure your bags.Try to avoid items of baggage that have protruding parts or accessories that can easily break or fall off. Make sure that all pockets and zips are properly closed, and for safety attach a name tag to the handle of the suitcase. Keep in mind that for safety reasons your luggage must not be permanently closed by padlock or numerical combination system. May we strongly recommend, if you have the opportunity to use a PVC film or a plastic bag to protect your luggage. Make sure that skis, snowboards, golf clubs or other sports equipment have adequate protections around fragile parts using suitable rigid containers such as cardboard or a thick layer of bubble wrap. This luggage shipping service is for personal items that do no require particular packaging to ship (clothing, shoes, books, etc.). It is your responsibility to package any objects that could be damaged in shipping , and non-standard fragile items can only be shipped at your risk and are not included in the damage guarantee. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information.
Do I need to lock my bag?
Domestic shipping: bags that are being shipped within the same country must be securely so that the contents cannot spill out. Bags that cannot be closed securely are not covered by insurance for lost and missing items. That said, bags should not be closed with locks, because they must be able to be opened in case of inspection by the authorities and by the shipping company, which can refuse to ship contents that are restricted or banned. International shipping: bags that are shipped over national borders are often inspected, so bags must not be locked or the lock will be broken to gain access to the contents of the bag. Capri Luggage is not liable for damage to locked bags which are opened to be inspected by security or customs, and locking bags may cause delays is shipping and voids any damage guarantee and insurance.
How does customs inspection work?
Customs checks contents of bags to verify that any contents entering and leaving the country are not subject to fees or taxes and are in accordance with health and safety regulations.
Can I ship sporting equipment, bikes, or surf boards?
Bulky sports equipment such as golf clubs and surf boards can be sent either in a soft or rigid travel case. Make sure that all the fragile parts like golf clubs or fastenings are packed with adequate padding. Bicycles can be sent either in a rigid case such as a sturdy cardboard box and all external parts like the pedals and handlebars are removed.

Shipping your luggage

How does the luggage shipping service work?
Capri Luggage offers a guaranteed door-to-door luggage and sporting equipment shipping service, so you can save time and arrive hassle-free with just your carry-on luggage.
What about the paperwork?
Paperwork includes all the shipping information for the pick-up and delivery and the necessary documents for international shipping. Capri Luggage will take care of completing these ldocuments, which are necessary to track your items.
What can be shipped:
Always bear in mind that there are certain restrictions on what you can send including dangerous goods, combustible or flammable items (including nail polish and perfume, aerosol sprays, tobacco alcohol, prescription drugs, currency, and lithium-ion batteries. You can ship any item that is approved by the international authorities as risk-free for health and safety. Please read the shipping restrictions before packing your bags and contact Capri Luggage with any questions. We can confirm any item on a case-by-case basis with our courier partners. Please note that some particular goods or items can not be shipped to certain countries.

Booking our service

How do I book my luggage shipping service?
You can book your pick-up at home, your place of work, or another location online or with the help of our customer service by calling +39 081 837 8224. Capri Luggage will take care of the rest, including all the labels and paperwork, and tracking your shipment to its final destination. We will personally contact whoever will be taking delivery of your luggage, including hotels and villas, so you can be sure that your personal effects are always safe!
When is your customer service office open?
Our customer service offices are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, and Saturday morning from 9 am to 12.30 pm.
How long does it take to deliver luggage?
Domestic and most shipments from European capitals take 24 hours; international shipments take from 48 to 72 hours, generally.
Where is pick-up and delivery?
Pick-up can be at the location of your choice, including your home, business, or other location on the date you have selected. Delivery is at the the address given upon booking your shipping service.
Can I reserve a pick-up and delivery for any day of the week?
Pick-up and delivery can be reserved for any day EXCEPT SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. If you are arriving on Capri on Saturday or Sunday, we suggest reserving delivery for the Friday preceding your arrival at your hotel or villa.

Guarantees and payment

How much does luggage shipping cost?
Prices vary depending upon the type, size, and weight of each bag. Prices begin at €33 for a small bag shipped domestically, and €73 for a small bag shipped withing Europe. You can fill our our reservation for with the size and weight of your bag for a personalized quote.
How do I pay?
Payment can be made by credit card.
What if my bag is lost?
If a bag is lost, Capri Luggage has eight working days after the reserved delivery date to track the bag and let you know of any developments. If the bag and its contents are not found within that period of time, Capri Luggage will gather all the information necessary to make a claim for reimbursement for the amount of insurance coverage that was purchased. The client does not need to furnish any documentation regarding the value of the contents of the bag. The amount of time needed to be reimbursed varies from case to case.
What happens if my bag is damaged?
Capri Luggage is not responsible for the loss or damage of external parts of bags or suitcases like wheels, straps, pockets, handles, hooks, and other accessories. If the damage exceeds what can be considered normal wear-and-tear, the client must declare in writing on the shipping form that the article has been accepted for deliver "with reservation", describing the damage and the reasons behind the claim. Any claims must be presented within 14 days of the scheduled or completed delivery, if delivery was completed after the scheduled date. Capri Luggage and/or affiliates must have access to the bag to inspect any damages and quantify any reimbursement, which must not exceed the amount for which th edamaged item was covered. The maximum reimbursement for damages to any bag, suitcase, duffelbag, backpack, or other container is €1/kg up to a maximum of € 30. The client must save any external wrapping used for shipping to present a claim. This guarantee is only applicable to the container (suitcase, bag, etc) or external wrapping used to transport personal items. To present a claim, the item must have been prepared according to the instructions in the terms. Only one claim can be made for each damaged bag or article, and the sum of the reimbursements cannot be more than the limit of €30 for domestic shipping in Italy and $100 for international shipping.